Why Itivrit

India is populated with forts and palaces which are our museums that have seen generations of Royalty pass through. They age back to hundreds of years and their architecture is incredibly distinct since each room was created keeping a certain purpose in mind. The palaces are still standing, with their purposes still alive and they have many stories to tell.

Of the royals who lived in them.

Of the dynasties they saw rise and fall.

And of the heritage they have helped preserve.

These stories can only be told from real accounts of memories of people and their ancestors who experienced them, hence becoming oral history.

And the only way to know the stories is through Historians.
However, the sad truth is that historians in India are few in number, and they are dying.

And so, these stories stories of our rich culture and heritage are dying.

And so we must recreate this Itivrit so you could virtually go back in time to when the palace was in full bloom and relive an era that has been long forgotten.