With the help of the Rajasthan Government, to help promote the academic disciplines of STEAM using the foundation course structures used by NYU-ITP.

The idea is to begin with a digital platform that evolves into a physical space.


how do we get there

  • To begin with, the Government will introduce a digital learning platform in schools with the help of Aadi which will introduce them to the intersection of art and code and encourage them to invent without having to learn the basics of programming from scratch (which is where most students stop). The modules are built p5.js so the students can refer to the videos for instructions. The projects are to create stories and games.
  • At the same time, video modules created by ITP students as remote instructors representing NYU-ITP, are introduced as roadmaps to acquire skills pertaining to STEAM, that offer rewarding futures that intersect between technology and art.
  • Next steps are to introduce higher level learning modules of concepts that supplement their foundation knowledge.
  • With recorded success, Aadi will provide the opportunity to current ITP students to experience real-world teaching experience by organising workshops and teaching seminars where the instructors are representing NYU-ITP but working for the Government of India.
  • With the Government's aid, Aadi will create a physical structure to facilitate this learning at a stronger level and also introduce physical computing as a learning path that would then lead on to deeper interests as we study currently at ITP. 


how does ITP Benefit

All the required costs will be taken care of by the Government of Rajasthan, India - as their path is to introduce STEAM concepts in the current education system.

ITP students get the chance to work for the Government of Rajasthan, India without having to move location or indulge in learning structures outside their interest areas.

ITP students get to add to their Resumes and portfolios - work experience where they are teaching skills that they are proficient in and essentially, honing.


What does ITP need to do

Aadi will require a quarterly check of the course curriculum by the faculty associated with those learning skills.

If possible, Aadi would also like to facilitate yearly faculty visits to hold seminars and workshops that will inspire the students to learn and create.

Also, student involvement is what Aadi will be thriving on, and as per current knowledge - there are volunteers ready to help.